The Normalizer®

Normalizer® sleep the way it was meant to be

Normalizer posture pillows are designed by a chiropractor and have an unique contour design to enable you to choose whatever position you prefer without losing the necessary support for a comfortable and restful sleep.

In 1987 our Normalizer posture pillow was the first pillow to have been endorsed by the Canadian Chiropractic Association. 

The Normalizer Original is constructed with a large bolster at one end and a smaller bolster at the other. When sleeping, the head is cradled in the centre of the pillow while the neck rests on either side of the large or small bolster. As with every new pillow, it may take a short period of adjustment to feel the full comfort and restfulness of the Normalizer.

Normalizer Original with its 4 and 5 inch bolsters is our most popular and versatile pillow.

Normalizer Comfort has two 4 inch bolsters. This pillow is preferred by those who only use the 4 inch bolster.

Normalizer Petite is prefect for a smaller body frame.  3 inch and 4 inch bolster. Designed for a smaller body frame

Normalizer Travel is great comfort on the go. This pillow is designed to fit in airline carry-on luggage for those long-distance vacations.

Normalizer Queen/King is designed to fit both queen size and king size beds.

Normalizer chiropractic pillows are made of durable 100% pure non-allergenic polyurethane foams. The deluxe CoolPlus® cover is removable for simple washing.


Return and Refund Policy - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If during the first 30 days you are not fully satisfied with any Normalizer pillow call us at 1-800-665-4839 or email for a Return Authorization Number (RMA). 

As a returned pillow is not re-sold and is destroyed for hygienic reasons you are responsible for the cost to return your Normalizer pillow to:

Omega Posture Systems Inc. 2-854 Marion Street, Winnipeg, MB, Canada R2J 0K4

Upon our receipt of your returned pillow we will refund your original purchase price.  Shipping is non-refundable.


One Year Warranty

There is further assurance with our one-year warranty. If any Normalizer cover or foam pillow form is found to be defective within one year of purchase, we will provide a free replacement immediately. No Questions Asked.


Customer Service


Fax: 1-204-237-0994



Normalizer® is a registered trademark of Omega Posture Systems Inc.

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